This conference aims to provide forum for researchers, lecturers, teachers, students, journalists, broadcasters to exchange and share their ideas, experiences, best practices, and research findings on literacy study. This is a beneficial interdisciplinary forum to discuss and present the recent innovation and trends in literacy study which could contribute to the development of science and technology. The expected results are the dissemination of literacy study, the research publication in international conference proceeding, and the further collaboration among researchers, lecturers, students, and practitioners.

The conference discusses literacy with respect to its theories, practices, and studies from different perspectives. The sub topics include:

  1. Literacy theory in any perspectives
  2. The development of the 21st century literacy (media, technology, visual, etc)
  3. The achievement and development of children’s literacy
  4. Literacy in education and instruction (in family, society, and school)
  5. The development of literacy culture (in family, society, and school)
  6. Literacy Study in Any Perspectives diganti Litearcy Theories and Early Childhood Education