1. Presenters/participants register online at http://icollit.ums.ac.id
  2. Presenters/participants pay the conference fee
  3. Presenter send abstract to the committee trough submission page, maximum 200 words in English or Indonesian. The abstract contains objective of the study, method, and results.

The article submission requirements are as follows:

  1. The paper should be original and has not been published/presented previously.
  2. The paper format consists of title, by line, abstract, keywords, introduction (background of the study, objective of the study, and literature review), method, research finding and discussion, conclusion, and bibliography with A.P.A. system.
  3. The paper should be in Microsoft Word format and maximum length of 10 pages (A4 size pages typed in single space, Times New Roman size 12).

To submit an abstract or the full paper, please use The 1st ICoLLiT Submission/Reviewing website at: